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The President of King Abdulaziz University - Professor Abdulrahman Al-Youbi - issued a resolution in December 2018 establishing "The Academic Writing Center (AWC) at the ELI" to help university students further develop the skills needed to comprehensively meet the demands of their college studies.
The ELI AWC intends to provide high quality academic writing services for students, who can benefit from its courses, training programs, and consultations free of charge.
We offer free writing support to KAU students, faculty, and staff. Our Writing Specialists provide peer tutoring, online tutoring, and workshops. We work with writers through all stages of the writing process from brainstorming and organizing to revising and polishing.
To provide national leadership in the field of academic writing in English.
To offer programs of 'excellence' in academic writing in English for the University students to enhance the writing quality of reports, projects and academic research.

1. Developing KAU students' academic writing skills to enable them to produce academic writing with clarity and precision through understanding rhetorical and linguistic strategies and writing styles in academic settings;

2. Holding innovative workshops, training sessions, and providing a range of services and extracurricular activities to support both processes of autonomous self-learning in academic writing and structural linguistic modelling for academic research and reports;

3. Fostering and reinforcing the culture and ethics of 'excellence' in academic writing;

4. Introducing and reinforcing critical thinking, analysis, inference, induction, synthesis, and deduction skills;

5. Offering opportunities for refining and developing students' individual and group work skills.

1- Utilizing academic integrity in academic writing

2- Putting forward arguments using scientific evidence

3- Organizing cohesive and coherent writing texts

4- Enhancing academic research skills

5- Applying accepted terminology and adhering to internationally recognized academic writing norms

6- Establishing familiarity with internationally accepted academic writing style, citing, and quoting in accordance with research formatting and style guides, such as (MLA) and (MPA)

1. Enhancing the University's role in developing students' academic writing skills in English at all levels of university education;

2. Conducting studies on the complexity and challenges of academic writing, providing solutions, and developing initiatives resulting from the studies' recommendations;

3. Working and cooperating directly with the KAU faculties benefiting from the Center’s services;

4. Holding academic writing-themed seminars and scholarly meetings;

5. Participating in national and international scholarly conferences and meetings to enhance the University's role in this field;

6. Forming national and global partnerships to support the quality of academic writing for KAU students and external stakeholders;

7. Drawing up an ELI AWC Strategic Plan in line with the University's aspirations to enhance its student academic writing skills and to fulfill the University faculties' requirements, and

8. Establishing an AWC Website to introduce the Center's services and activities and to disseminate the culture of excellence in academic writing.

English academic writing poses one of the most difficult challenges encountered by university students. Therefore, universities throughout the world seek to provide their students with the necessary academic writing skills in order to support them in working on assignments, writing reports and projects, and writing research papers in English. To achieve this, universities organize programs and run training sessions designed specifically for this purpose. The ELI AWC aims at improving students' academic writing skills and reinforcing the University's role in establishing a community of writers and researchers. The studies conducted by the International Writing Center Association and the European Association for Teaching Academic Writing have emphasized the importance of establishing university writing centers in order to improve the quality of academic writing and research. One recent study has highlighted and demonstrated that active participation in writing courses and programs offered by academic writing centers made a substantial difference to students' writing quality from a variety of perspectives; including writing focus, academic data collection, organization, and writing style (Brown, 2015). Another study has stressed the great importance of support given to university students to improve their academic writing, taking into consideration that 90% of exam assessments and evaluation depends on academic writing (Deraney, 2015). In the Saudi context, studies on academic writing status at the university level have identified the urgent need for intensifying academic writing courses and programs in order to overcome the obstacles encountered by students in writing their exams, reports, projects, and academic research. This need equally applies to students majoring in English. (Al-Khairy, 2013; Al-Fadda, 2012).

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